February 8, 2015
by dave

Improving Your Life

Personal development is a thing which needs a lot of courage, will-power and determination. A person could change his personality at any phase of their life. This also indicates that human beings remain incomplete through their whole life.

Nevertheless, there are numerous people who think that they’ve reached their peak whenever they’re able to achieve and fulfil their ambition at a particular point of the life. They start developing pride, without realizing that they’ve begun to decline instead of growing.



In order to get the best out of your personal development activities, avoid delays. You must remind yourself that time is a limited resource. After you’ve set your goals, create a plan and start working towards implementing it instantly, it doesn’t matter how slow you implement it.

If you reach a desired goal, you must start seeking for other goals which are still underachieved and begin to dedicate yourself in order to attain them.

If you would like to transform yourself and develop your overall personality, you must be able to compare yourself with other persons who are superior to you. Not those people who’re inferior to you. You must try to follow the paths of the persons ahead of you and take their examples to motivate yourself further.

Understand how they were able to attain a greater success in their lives, the amount of struggles they’ve made as well as the amount of hardship they faced.

It’s not at all necessary to think of those persons who’re richer than you; instead you must study the works of popular persons around the world. Life isn’t only about being prosperous; instead prosperity is something that delays the growth of an individual which is the reason why majority of the successful people around the world were not at all encouraged by wealth and money. They were happy to work for a noble reason, for the improvement of human culture. Even while they’ve passed away, they’re still remembered because of their feats and they’re still alive inside the hearts numerous people around the world.

Personality development isn’t something which you can achieve in a blink of an eye. If you truly want to grow your personality, you must better your relationship with your inner voice, as it’s the one which is responsible for directing you towards the right direction every time.

Whenever you’re required to make a crucial decision, always ask your inner voice, what you must do and what would help you in a better way. Believe it or not, it’s a proven fact that that if you go with your inner voice you’ll never fail in any of your tasks.

Hopefully the above tips will provide you with a better look of how you could better different parts of your character, and personality, so as to obtain an improved lifestyle.

December 18, 2014
by dave

Personal Development using self-awareness

What is self-awareness?

Self-awareness is a principle element of personal development. It’s accomplished by reflecting upon your actions and your intentions. Consider self-awareness as an approach to know your behavior and also your views from another person’s perspective. It can help you better realize your personality, requirements, values, emotions, habits, etc.

Stephen R. Covey, who is the author of one of the most popular books “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” states that self-awareness is among the most crucial out of 7 human talents. Some of the other human talents include conscience, independent willpower and imagination. Self-awareness lets you to stand apart from the rest and inspect the way you see yourself.
If you would like to transform something, it is essential that you are the first person who becomes aware of it! This will help you to enjoy the moment. It is important for you to develop your self-awareness and be accountable for your individual actions and avoid blaming other persons for the failures that happened in your life.

How to develop self-awareness inside you?

Release all the negative stuff which makes you feel lonely or sad from your brain, because this will never help you in any way, it would only hold you back. Free yourself of all the worries and steadily try to change the things in such a way that will make you feel happy. Spend some time along with the friends, family members and other peoples who are close to you. Because when you’re with the persons whom you respect and love, you’ll normally do all good stuff for them. When you stay with them, such things are likely to develop further and become normal as the time passes.

In addition, you will have to realize the moment and make yourself aware of all the things around you. You must teach yourself and get skilled in monitoring and observing your inner state. When you’re self-aware, you will be able to access a crucial mechanism to notice what’s going on inside you and hence will be able to manage your inner state.

Self-awareness could also be established with the help of meditation that plays a crucial role in refocusing your brain and focusing on your internal state.

Self-awareness can help you stay on the right track and it can also help you to become more self-motivated and self-reliant.


October 28, 2014
by dave

How to Pick a Martial Arts School


If you’re determined to enroll yourself in a martial arts training school, it is crucial that you set some quality time aside in order to research thru a number of schools in this field before going with the most appropriate one.

1. Select a martial arts school which has been in the Bellevue region for a minimum of five years. This is not to say that the new school martial arts training are all bad, perhaps, some may be equally good. However the figures show that almost 74% of small businesses shut their doors inside first 2-3 years after opening.

2. The next thing to consider is the location is no more than a 15 min drive from your home or workplace. Because a convenient place could make a big difference in your long term preparation. Ignore this rule only if you’re not pleased with the places near to you. It is far better to spend an additional 10 minutes in driving if you’re getting a better quality training than totally giving up on the training.

3 Choose a martial arts coach who’s able to share the same goals and values that you do. For instance, if you desire a family martial arts training and you are trying to get in a better shape while simultaneously learning a little self-defense, choosing a school which greatly contests in competitions may not suit you.

4.  Increase your knowledge in martial arts training, so that you’ll know what you’re getting. Because this is your only way to ensure that you’re getting what you desire. For instance, if you want mediations, check if the school does that. So, it is important that you ask all the necessary questions to the school authorities before deciding any further.

This training will need you to invest your time, money as well as energy in a substantial way which is why it’s crucial that you select those schools which can fit your regular schedule, location and your budget. Among of the most general reasons why individuals normally discontinue any form of training is when their schedule gets too challenging or inconvenient for including in their daily lives. Hence, ensure that you don’t give yourself such reasons for discontinuing your training by remembering all the things stated in this article.

October 28, 2014
by dave

Top 4 Advantages of Personal Development Planning in Leadership

The top leaders realize the fact that they must keep improving and growing their skills in order to justify their actual potential. Particularly in the present economic conditions, when there are a number of stresses on leaders in order to take as well as implement hard decisions, the requirement to plan personal development activities is perhaps even more crucial than ever.

A definite strategy and its implementation are two of the most important skills that every businessman should have. They involve formulating a goal, developing a strategy that mentions the steps required to reach it, and finally the objectives which break the major picture down in tiny parts.

The theory of personal development can be found here: http://www.skillsyouneed.com/ps/personal-development.html

So, what are the top 4 advantages of Personal Development Planning in leadership:-

1. Clearness

Personal development planning includes 2 major aspects in it. The first one is determining which areas and activities are the one that you need to concentrate in a short term. Secondly is exactly knowing where you would like to take your career in the next 5 to 10 years. With personal development planning you’re able to achieve this clearness.

2. Decision making ability

All of us are constantly faced with numerous choices in our regular life and our work. Personal Development Planning helps leaders to improve their decision making ability.

3. Long-term goal

Most of us have come across coworkers who took a job change or promotion which offered something unique in the short-term however turned into a bad long-term choice. Although a big pay rise may look enticing, it is wise to ask yourself if the role would actually help you in achieving your long-term career motive. Personal development planning can help leaders make an informed choice.

4. Smart investment

If you have a clear goal in your mind, you are able to make the most suitable investment that helps your business in the long run.